Youth Summer Class Schedule 2019

Half Day Camps

M-F 9:00am-1:00pm Ages 3-5 | $225/week 

June 10-14 King of the Jungle & Queen of the Dance Floor

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You are in for a roaring time as we adventure into the savana! Tiny dancers will explore the basics of ballet and creative movement as they monkey around. Work on your roar as you boogie with all the animals of pride rock and create some fearsome arts and crafts. *Must be potty Trained*

June 17-21 Forest Fairy Frollics and Fouettes

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Join us as we fly into the enchanted forest! Your tiny dancer will tip toe into the world of ballet as we explore the basics of ballet and creative movement. Dancers will journey through the fairy forest with imaginative story telling, dance and whimsical crafts. *Must be potty Trained*


June 24-28 Supercalifragilistic Summer Soiree

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Grab your umbrellas because the only way is up in this action-packed camp! Tiny dancers will find the magic of Mary Poppins and friends as they tap dance on roof tops, twirl through topsy-turvey moves and create practically perfect crafts. *Must be potty Trained*

July 8-12 Fancy Frozen Treats and Tricks

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Take an ice cool journey into the frozen snow capped mountains this summer! Dancers will explore the magic of glittering snowflakes and twirling snow storms. Packed with creative movement and story telling, dancers will need their cozy mittens for arts and crafts- do you want to build a snowman? *Must be potty Trained*

July 15-19 Carpet Ride to the Clouds

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Come join us on a magic carpet ride to the stars! A magic lamp will sprinkle the dance floor with your every wish as we dance into deserts and twirl into treasures. Dancers will explore imaginative storytelling and wonderous arts and crafts that will take them to a whole new world. *Must be potty Trained*

July 22-26 Flying with Feathers Circus Academy

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Soar on the wings of an elephant as we fly through the magic of the circus! Tiny dancers will courageously tip toe on tight ropes and leap with lions in this magical camp complete with ele-fantastic arts and crafts! *Must be potty Trained*

July 29-Aug 2 To Infinity and Beyond

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Join us as we launch into outer space! We will journey through the toy chest and bring colorful characters to life with a little dance magic! Dancers will explore the basics of ballet and creative movement as they make new friendships that will last a lifetime complete with toy-tastic crafts! *Must be potty Trained*

Full Day Camps

July 29-Aug 2 Cupcakes and Cartwheels

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9am-4pm $350 Ages 6-11

Cupcakes and Cartwheels camp will combine culinary creativity with acro dance training. These energetic campers will twirl icing onto fabulous tasting cupcakes and sweet treats then burn off any sugar with intense acrobatic dance training.

July 30-Aug 1 Cupcake Wars

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9am-12pm $175 Ages 11-15



*T/W/TH 12:30pm-3:30pm Ages 10-15 Int. | $150/week 

June 18-20 Hip Hop
June 25-27 Contemporary/Improv
July 9-12 Broadway 10:00-1:30
July 9-11 Drill/Jumps & Turns
July 16-18 Dance Through Time
July 30-August 1 Acro


This comprehensive intensive is designed for motivated dancers who come to be trained, inspired and often transformed by this incredible dance experience. Students will have an opportunity to refine their skills and broaden their dance vocabulary while being exposed to guest master teachers from coast to coast who will push them to unexplored limits. Discovery Intensive is a week dedicated to the growth of each dancer as a physical technician, as well as an expressive and articulate artist. Taking part in this intensive will help bring students’ performance quality to a new level. Designed for the serious multi-level artist, this intensive is geared for those with an eye toward pre-professional quality performance.

Guest Instructors: Terrill Mitchell, Aiesha Ashby, Jeremy Arnold, Rebecca McLindon, Alekz Samone, Pallas Sluyter, Quinton Weathers

Minis Ages 7-9 Int 12:30p-3:30p | $150
Junior Ages 10-12 Int 9:30a-2:30p | $200
Seniors 13+ Adv 9:00a-3:00p | $250