Dress Code & Studio Policies

Dress Code

Jazz/Contemporary/Stretch & Musical Theater: Form fitting dance clothes, black jazz shoes. No oversized T-shirts, tank-tops, camisole tops, athletic shorts, or loose pants are permitted in class after the warm up period. Hairpulled back out of face.

*Beginner Tap (Combo-Level 1): Solid colored leotard and tights, or form-fitting dance top and dance shorts. Jazz pants may be worn if they are tight around the knees and ankles. Black Mary Jane or lace-up tap shoes. Hair must be pulled away from the face.

*Upper-Level Tap (Level 2+): Solid colored leotard and tights or form-fitting dance top and dance shorts. Jazz pants may be worn if they are tight around the knees. Black lace-up tap shoes.

Hip Hop: Comfortable street clothes or athletic wear with non-marking tennis shoes.  Hair: pulled back out of face.

Dancers & Dreamers:  Leotard and tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Hair: pulled back out of face.

Boys- Attire: T-shirt, shorts or pants, black ballet shoes, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes. Hair: combed away from the face.

Ballroom Girls: Leotard, Latin skirt above the knees, or dance dress. Hair must be pulled away from the face in a secure ponytail or dance bun. Jazz shoes will be fine for the first month, then Latin shoes will be required. Latin shoes girls ages 7-11 Cuban heel, girls ages 12-13 1.5″ junior heel, girls ages 14+ 2″ IDS heel. The shoe should feel like a glove on a foot. If the child’s foot is wide, please contact the instructor for the further instructions.

Ballroom Boys: Black dance trousers, tight shirt or t-shirt. Jazz shoes will be fine for the first month, then black shoes with Cuban heel shoes will be required. The shoe should feel like a glove on a foot. 

Ballet Girls: Girls will wear TDS logo solid colored leotards, pink footed tights (worn underneath the leotard), and pink ballet shoes. Sports bras may be worn under the leotard as long as they are not distracting (ie, no decorative straps across the back, or bright colors/designs) – either black or a tan sports bra with clear straps, to maintain the lines of the leotard. TDS leotards are available for purchase at the front desk. 

Ballet Boys: Boys will wear a white or black fitted t-shirt with black leggings, joggers, or shorts. They will need white socks, and black ballet shoes.

Ballet Hair: Hais should be worn in a clean and neat bun, taking care to ensure that dancer’s hair is out of the face/eyes.  Bun is secure and will not come undone in the middle of class. If hair is too short for a bun, please secure hair out of the face with headbands and bobby pins.

Ballet Full ballet dress code can be viewed on our Ballet Spot webpage.  

*A NOTE ABOUT CROP TOPS, DANCE SHORTS, and WARM UP ATTIRE: In order for teachers to appropriately monitor the movement development of a dancer, body conscious clothing is required for most classes. However, it is important that a dancer’s attire allow him/her to focus exclusively on movement and not clothing coverage. For this reason, we prefer crop tops only be worn in conjunction with high-waisted dance shorts/pants. No bra-tops are allowed, or any top in which the dancer’s belly button is visible.

We require that students wear warm-up attire and cover up to and from dance class.

Class Placements

Students are placed in classes according to age and ability level. If he/she feels the student is not in the appropriate class, the teacher may move adjust the student’s class placement.


Studio Etiquette
  • Students must wear a cover-up to and from TDS at all times.
  • Students may not wear dance shoes outside TDS.
  • Students may not wear jewelry of any kind in class (stud earrings are permitted).
  • Please do not leave young children unattended at anytime.
  • Yelling or horseplay inside TDS are not allowed.
  • Parents and visitors watching in the lobby must not disturb students or instructors while class is in session, unless it is an emergency.
  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late, s/he may be asked to watch class.  Tardiness affects the teacher, the students and the entire  tone of the class.  Parents and students should make every effort to be on time and ready when class begins.
  • Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student who disturbs the class at any time.
  • TDS reserves the right to cancel a class if there is low enrollment.
  • TDS is not responsible for stolen or lost property (please label ALL dancewear and shoes with your child’s name).
  • Cell phones are not permitted in the dance rooms unless they are turned off or in airplane mode.
  • Students may bring a water bottle to class but must keep it in their dance bag.
  • Snacks are not allowed in dance studios.
  • Parents must pick their child up on time! Instructors are not responsible for watching students who are not picked up on time.