Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to TDS?

We are located in the Creekside Plaza at 900 Round Rock Ave, Round Rock, TX 78681.

When is your front desk open?

Our front desk is staffed:

Monday 330pm-8pm
Tuesday 330pm-6pm
Wednesday 330pm-8pm
Thursday 330pm-7pm
Saturday- Varying office hours. 
How do I sign up for a class?

You can review the Adult class schedule here and register online or review the Youth Class schedules at one of the links below and register online:
Youth Fall/Spring Schedule

How do I know what level class to sign up my dancer for?

For ballet classes, we have placement opportunities available for a Dance Spot ballet teacher to assess the student and ensure he/she is placed in the appropriate level class.  

For other classes, we recommend that dancers trial a class that seems like the correct age/level class, and the instructor can evaluate the student in class to ensure he/she is in the correct class.  If not, the teacher will recommend which alternate class is most appropriate for that student.

What is the appropriate attire for the various genre classes?

Here is a list of the attire requirements by class type: Class Dress Codes

Where can I buy dance shoes and attire?

We can take care of your needs for any shoes or dance attire needed for classes, excluding Pointe shoes.  If we don’t have your size, we can custom order for you!

What discounts do you offer?

We offer a sibling discount of 5% off of additional dancers from the same family after 1 dancer. The discount is applied after the full rate charge for the dancer taking the highest number of hours.  We offer a 5% discount for tuition paid in full (Aug-May). Discounts cannot be combined.

What additional fees am I responsible for besides the monthly tuition (recreational dancers)?

Dancers pay a $50 registration fee ($10 for each additional sibling) in the fall, a recital costume fee of $65-$75 per dancer (per class participating in recital) due mid November, and a recital performance fee (venue rental, tickets, etc) of $60 (or $80 per family) due mid February.  We also have an optional winter show that is $100 per dancer or $175 per family and includes the costume, venue, extra rehearsals, and tickets.

Can I watch my dancer in class?

We do have viewing windows in all studio doors but, in order to remove any distraction for students, we have installed high definition cameras in all studios, which are visible from televisions in the lobby areas, for the convenience of our parents.  

What amenities are available at The Dance Spot?

For dancers: our studios are equipped with floor to ceiling mirrors, wood sprung floors, views of the green belt, a great sound system, and cubbies to store personal belongings.  We also have a vending machine for snacks, fresh fruit and cold drinks available at the front desk, and a homework bar with laptop connections.  Best of all, we have the most fun and, more importantly, the highest caliber of teaching staff, in Round Rock!

For parents: We have comfortable lounge areas equipped with high definition camera feeds to watch your dancer, a complimentary coffee bar, and an art table for younger siblings.

Are you still accepting students for registration now that the semester has begun? How long will you continue open registration?

Yes, you can still register!  We offer rolling registration through our fall semester and the first month of our spring semester. After January 31st, students call still register for technique classes and can join other classes, but will not be able to participate in the May recital.

What team opportunities do you have at TDS?

We have four Dance Companies that dancers can audition for at The Dance Spot in the spring (April/May).

Rise Dance Company’s essential focus is to offer an avenue for dancers seeking a higher level of dance training.These dancers have a desire to fully commit themselves to the demand of Rise. We pride ourselves on training well-rounded dancers and giving them the opportunity to work with local and guest teachers/choreographers from all around the country. Company members are given support and guidance to enhance and personalize their craft so they can pursue whatever their interest, whether competitions, auditions, performances opportunities, college scholarships, or something else.  

Envision Dance Company: Envision Dance Company combines the joys of being on a competitive dance team while offering students the freedom and flexibility to maintain other extracurriculars. This team will require only 3 hours of class, one day per week but dancers can take as many as they would like in addition to their requirements. This group will also only be required to attend one competition per year and one spring showcase, but is encouraged to join our studio at as many events as they would like. Ignite will be a really great way for the already busy student to dip their toes into the competitive dance world and still have freedom in their schedule. It’s also a great way to join multiple companies at the studio.

Fuse Crew The Fuse Crew is a competitive youth Hip Hop and street style crew at The Dance Spot. For ages 8-18, the crew trains dancers to be entertaining performers, while growing teamwork skills by performing at various events, competitions, and dance conventions across Texas. The Fuse Crew focuses on building the youth community in Austin, and exposing more kids to hip hop and street culture.

Austin Youth Classical Ballet stands as an offering to all students seeking a rigorous pre-professional ballet company experience. AYCB strives to provide more in depth ballet training which directly complements its dancers weekly class work. Company dancers will have more performative and competitive opportunities than those on a recreational path.

For what ages do you offer classes at the studio?

We have a large youth dance program, offering combo classes for children as young as 2 years old (as of the start of our fall semester), as well as a comprehensive adult dance and fitness program. Find the schedule outlining various age groups and levels for ages 6+ here and for ages 2-5 here.

What if I don’t see a class that works for my schedule?

The Dance Spot will consider adding an additional class to the schedule if space allows if you can bring 5 or more dancers who want to take that class.  Otherwise, you can add a wish list class at the front desk so that, with enough requests for the same class/time, we can potentially add the class.  

When and where are the performance opportunities and who performs in these shows?

Our Nurcracker takes place in early to mid December and incorporates classes noted as “Nutcracker” on our class schedule.  The Spring show (recital) takes place in May and includes almost all non-ballet recreational classes (not including technique and select non-technique classes).

Natalia Hornsey
My daughter has been going here for a couple of months. I must say it is an upgrade from the last place we were at. They are very knowledgeable on all types of dance. I love how they are very structured and strict when it comes to hair and dance gear m.. The instructors are all very sweet and have backgrounds in dance .I love this place even though it’s further from my house and the location is horrible with the traffic but it is worth it
Anne Watts
I love this place . I was a professional dancer back in the day so deciding were to put my daughter was a tough choice . They are so nice and couldn’t be more happy . Ms Lisa is so sweet and a great teacher with our little ones . She knows how to keep the class going and that’s hard with 2-3 year olds. My two year old has her days where she doesn’t want to wear her tap shoes and no one forces hers too ! They just let the Two year olds be two year olds! She has learned so much and I love all the shows and extra events they offer! We had a blast at the trunk or treat event! Love love this place!
Andi Loo
Beautiful space and friendly staff. The competition team is one of the best I've ever seen!! Highly recommend!!!
Mariel Ostos
Super organizado y precavido, su personal muy atento y amigable. Bueno para cumplir los sueños de nuestras hijas😍
Ashley Laubscher
Beautiful clean well staffed dance studio.