Envision combines the joys of being on a competitive dance team while offering students the freedom and flexibility to maintain other extracurriculars. This team will require only 3 -4 hours of class, one day per week but dancers can take as many as they would like in addition to their requirements. This group will also only be required to attend one competition per year and one spring showcase, but is encouraged to join our studio at as many events as they would like. Envision will be a really great way for the already busy student to dip their toes into the competitive dance world and still have freedom in their schedule. It’s also a great way to join multiple companies at the studio.

April 23

Join us for our all company info night at TDS on April 23rd from 6-8pm or via Zoom and learn about the companies The Dance Spot has to offer!

May 21

Ages 5-7: 5:00pm-6:00pm

May 24

Ages 8-11: 5:30pm-7pm

Ages 12+: 7pm-8:30pm

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