You are no longer be required to wear a mask at the studio, but it is certainly optional and encouraged for those who would like to and feel more comfortable continuing to wear them.


Important Reminders:

  • Please help us keep the studio clean! Pick up after yourself in the lobby area, snack area, restroom, etc. A clean studio is a healthy studio!
  • Please wait for your teachers to invite you into class. Students should wait for prior class dismissal and an invitation from their teacher into each class to enter.
  • Please help us keep the studio germ free! Monitor your child’s health at home, including a daily temperature check. If your child shows symptoms of being ill, with or without a fever, our staff reserves the right to contact you to pick them up from the studio at any time. If you or your family have been exposed to Covid, please take necessary precautions per CDC regulations. While masks are not required at the studio, we encourage non-vaccinated people to wear one if comfortable.