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Recital 2024


Saturday, May 18th


at LifeAustin Mueller 

This year’s theme is ILLUMINATE!



1504 E 51st St, Austin, TX 78723

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Parking for recital is between LifeAustin Mueller and the EXXON station on E. 51st Street. The entrance to the venue is facing the street. Look for the balloons on recital day! 

 The 2024 Recital App


If you are searching for the app, select:
Prosody Backstage Portal (Choose the Blue/Teal icon, not the Black icon)

  • Once the app is downloaded go to the very bottom where it says: SIGNUP
  • Type in your first name (parents name or senior dancer name
  • Type in your last name (parent name or senior dancer name)
  • Enter parent’s email address 
  • Create a password 
  • Click the ‘Opt in Auth’ button
  • Click SIGNUP
  • It will then ask for your Participating performer’s name: you can type in more than one child in this box.

Company Code is: BDSTDS

The Dance Spot will get a notification to approve you into the app. 

Just swipe your app away and we will approve your account.

Once you are in the App here are some helpful tips:

  • Click “Performers” to see your child(s) name. Click on student name. Scroll to the bottom to see which dances they are in. 
  • Click on the “Dance” to see their costume, video of any choreography to practice, etc
  • Click on “Events” to see all the performances. Here you will be able to see the show order and any other helpful information
  • Click on “Calendar” to see important dates and remindersThese reminders will have important information and communication details. 

If you have any issues or problems please email tatiana@balancedancestudios.com for tech support. 

We hope this will be a great resource for our parents!


In an effort to ensure you and your family are fully prepared for recital, use this checklist to ensure all of your responsibilities are accomplished in a timely fashion.

Ensure your dancer has the appropriate dance shoes for their dance(s)

    • Black Tap Shoes
    • Pink Ballet Slippers for Girls, Black for Boys
    • Tan Jazz Shoes for all other classes unless otherwise specified
    • Sneakers for Hip Hop

-Label ALL elements of your dancer’s costumes and account for any accessories that go with the costume. Most costumes and their accessories have tags on the inside that are perfect for this. Hair pieces tend to have a clip you can mark with your dancer’s initials.

Ensure your dancer has the appropriate tights (for girls) or socks (for boys) for their dances.

    • Pink dance tights for ballet dances (please purchase from The Dance Spot).
    • Tan dance tights for all other classes unless otherwise specified.
    • Ensure boy’s socks match the color of the shoe/pants

If your dancer has more than one costume, please make sure they are placed on a hanger and labeled clearly. (Dancer’s Name & Class).

Make sure your dancer checks in wearing their first costume and carrying subsequent costumes neatly on a hanger.

Hair & Makeup

Hair and Makeup instructions are labeled on your recital costume sheets. Please ensure dancer’s hair is done prior to arriving at the venue. If there is no specification by their teacher, a general rule of thumb is:

– Combo Dancers: Half up and half down with curls (optional)

– All other dancers: High, Center Part Ponytail

– Boys: Gelled and styled hair

Call Times 

Call time means dancers are dressed in the first costume with hair and makeup completely done. Please respect the times listed. Checking in too early means volunteers and staff might not be ready to receive dancers and will result in you having to wait until the appropriate time.

Please note: Dress Rehearsal is closed to the public. This means no spectator is allowed into the auditorium until Recital Day.

May 17th

Recital at LifeAustin Mueller

May 18th



Please read specific details about Dress Rehearsal:

WHEN: May 17th

WHERE: The Dance Spot, 4400 Sam Bass Road, Round Rock, Texas

DROP OFF: No parents will be allowed during Dress Rehearsal. This means, when you arrive at The Dance Spot, you will check in with our staff IN THE CIRCLE DRIVE and we will lead your child to the appropriate location. 

**If your dancer is 5 years or younger, you will be able to park and escort your child up to the building if this makes you more comfortable. However, due to our limited parking, we ask that you leave once you have made this hand off.**

PICKING UP YOUR DANCER: This week, during Parent Observation (last 10-15 minutes of class), you will receive a printed sign with your dancer’s name and class to display on the dash of your car for pickup in the circle drive. You will be notified via the Prosody Recital App 15-30 minutes prior to pick up time. Please remain in your cars during pickup. Our staff will be assisting with leading dancers to their parents in the circle drive.


  • Please bring only what you need. Our goal is to get dancers in and out as fast as possible on Dress Rehearsal day.

  • Please talk to your dancer about keeping their bags organized in the holding room if they have multiple dances. With many moving pieces it is easy for things to get misplaced.

  • Please label all belongings.

  • Please be sure that you have a clean pair of tights, and that your shoes are in good condition. If you need a new or extra pair, we have shoes and tights available for purchase in Symmetry.

  • Pictures will be taken at Dress Rehearsal! Please make sure your dancer arrives dressed and ready to go on stage. Makeup is not required for dress rehearsal or show day, however, it does help keep their face from being washed out on stage and in the video.


Recital Photography

Professional pictures will be taken during dress rehearsal. Please make sure your dancer comes in full costume and makeup to dress rehearsal.

Ivy Rose Photography will be taking photos at dress rehearsal on May 17, 2024 at The Dance Spot. 

To opt in to the photo gallery text 

TDSRECITAL24 to 90738

You will be notified via text when the gallery goes live. You will be able to order at that time. 



Professional video will be taken on recital day and distributed to all families approximately 3-4 weeks after the event.

Link to Pre-Order Video (Coming Soon)

Check in/Check out Procedure

When you arrive at Life Austin Mueller, follow the signs to the check in table, and your dancer will be escorted by our volunteers to the appropriate destination backstage.

There are no non-volunteer parents allowed backstage at any point before, during or after the show. This is to ensure the safety of all the dancers while they are waiting to perform. If you are a volunteer, you will check in for your designated time and head back to begin your assigned tasks. If you are not a volunteer, please do not attempt to go past the check-in, as it causes distraction from the tasks that need to be carried out by our staff and parent volunteers, thus resulting in stress and timing issues. (This includes the areas past the check in table and in the dressing rooms or stage). Dancers will remain backstage for the entire length of the show.

Recital Dismissal Process

Parents, we are so excited about the upcoming recital and the opportunity to see your child shine on stage! We really appreciated the helpful and constructive feedback you offered last year about the dismissal process at recital. We did not anticipate the congestion during dismissal, particularly with our littles, as we have grown in size. We have done a few things already to correct this issue, for one thing, going back to integration of the littles into the 2 shows versus having their own show (you also requested this in your feedback surveys so you could get a chance to see a little more variety and for the parents of older dancers to have the opportunity to watch the darling younger dancers perform). 

Secondly, we are going to experiment with a new dismissal process that we are going to pilot this year. Please be patient with us as we attempt a smoother and more efficient dismissal process outlined below:

  • Dancers and Dreamers: 3-4 year old dancers, who are only performing in Act One, will be the ONLY dancers able to be checked out at intermission. 5 year old dancers will be “graduating” on stage at the end of the show so we will hold them backstage.
  • Dancers 12 years old or older will still be able to check themselves out on their own. Please discuss a meeting plan with your dancer(s) post-show.
  • Dancers 11 and younger, below is how the new checkout process will function:

At the end of Act 2 for each show, we will ask everyone who will be picking up their dancer, to stay seated in the auditorium, as we will bring dancers out onto the stage, class by class, following the same order as the show. We will use the microphone to announce the classes being dismissed but you can also follow along with the show order to anticipate dismissal order. We will bring out 2 classes at a time and dismiss one class on each side of the stairs leading from the stage down into the auditorium. We ask that only one parent per dancer come up to retrieve their dancer and everyone else remain seated and that, once you have collected your dancer, you and your party promptly exit the auditorium. We believe that this new process will make for a much easier and more expedited process. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation and help in piloting this new dismissal process for recital. We love your kids and want this day to be the very best and most memorable experience possible!


As a reminder, Dress Rehearsal is closed to the public. This means no spectator is allowed into the auditorium until Recital Day.

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